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The reason why this project was created.

From Starter to Package

Laravel Angular Material Starter had a great success for bridging the gap between Laravel & Angular. It paved the way to awesome features such as out of the box: * AngularJS build tool setup * API environment for Laravel with JWT authentication * AngularJS generators for increased productivity * and many more..

Moving forward

As of Laravel 5.3, we started having a separate route file for API endpoints, as long as a dedicated API middelware.
And as of Angular (>= 2), we now an official way of starting Angular projects with a pre-configured shell.
This means that there's no need anymore for the Generators to be part of Laravel & Angular, same for Laravel's API environment.
As the community has moved forward with these awesome additions, the role for Laravel & Angular started diminishing.
This is why you'll find that this package focuses on solving the remaining pain-points by giving you a pleasurable experience developing Laravel & Angular apps.

Starter vs Package

Laravel Angular Material used to be a Starter which made it very easy for developers to start hacking on their projects. However this had a lot of drawbacks, here are a few: * Unnecessary dependencies * Hard (or impossible to upgrade) * Impossible to integrate with existing projects

This is why we now developed a package that can be easily integrated with existing apps & easily upgraded! This also means, you could use the official (& recommended) @angular/cli to start your angular project or any other method you'd prefer.

Are you looking for the documentation of the previous starter project? Click here.