Installation steps for Laravel Angular package into your Laravel/Lumen app

Laravel & Angular is simply a PHP package for Laravel. It is not opinionated regarding your Angular app. However we recommend using the official @angular/cli tool.

Laravel Installation

At the root level of your Laravel app, require the package using composer:

composer require jadjoubran/laravel-angular

Then inside your config/app.php, add the Service Provider:


Then run the installation command

php artisan laravelangular:install

JWT Auth Installation

If you're interested in authenticating your users with statless Json Web Tokens, follow the JWT installation instructions

Angular Installation

You can setup the Angular app in whever way you'd prefer.

You can follow our recommended installation method below: Install the latest version of Angular (2, 4, 5 or newer) by following the instructions on the Angular CLI

Lumen Installation

If you're using Lumen rather than Laravel, follow the instructions below.
Require the package using composer, and then register the service provider.